17 July 2010

Easy steps at school
For students who want to make a difference in their communities, school is a great place to start.  There are a number of easy things that can be done in the classroom and around the school:

1. No Idle Zone – Encourage your school to create a No Idle Zone, where parents in line waiting to drop off or pick up kids turn off their cars.

2. Turn Off Electronics – It might not seem like it, but even when computers and other electronics aren’t being used, they still consume a lot of energy.  Kids can work with their schools to make sure electronics are turned off when they’re not being used.

3. Recycling Bins – Lots of schools already have recycling bins in the classroom, but if not, they are a great way to get started on greening a school.

4. The Lunchroom – You can cut down on lunchroom trash by bringing lunch in a reusable lunch box or bag and packaging food in reusable containers.

5. Lightbulbs – Another easy way to cut down on energy use is to encourage your school to use compact florescent light bulbs instead of standard light bulbs.  CFLs use less energy and don’t have to be changed nearly as often.

  • I absolutely love this comprehensive list! And I especially love that you tackled PVC in school supplies. It s considered the most toxic plastic on the planet and we need to keep it away from our growing kids!