17 July 2010

Easy tips anyone can try.

More and more, students are hearing about the environment and ecology in the classroom. And it’s working. Most kids genuinely want to be responsible. But hey, they’re kids — they need help, advice, suggestions. So here are 5 simple ways the little ones can chip in:

1. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
This is the #1, easiest way kids can help. It might take a lot of reminding, but it’s worth it. Why?
In most of America, electricity requires burning coal. In one year, a typical coal plant generates 3,700,000 tons of carbon dioxide, the primary human cause of global warming — as much CO2 as cutting down 161 million trees. So flip that switch when you leave a room.
(source: www.ucsusa.org/clean_energy/coalvswind/c02c.html)

2. Recycle.
Another easy one. Teach the kids what is recyclable, then make sure they have an easy place to put it.

3. Turn off the water while brushing and try to shorten showers.
Oh, how good a hot shower feels. But it’s easy to get wasteful. Set a time limit for showers or turn off the water while soaping. Do this regularly and you’ll be helping to save one of Earth’s most precious resources: clean water. You might even see a financial benefit at the end of the month.

4. Walk, carpool or take the bus to school.
Fewer cars mean less pollution. For every shared ride, that’s one car taken off the road. And when you walk or ride a bike, there’s no fuel burned at all … except your breakfast.

5. Ease up on the video games
Oh yeah, they’re fun for kids, even a guilty pleasure for adults. But video games on a computer or game system use a LOT of energy — more than regular TV or computer usage. Encourage your child to grab a ball or jump rope, go outside and burn their completely sustainable supply of kid energy.

  • We are from the US but live in Switzerland now. We love your site and think you have a lot of great ideas here! We have learned many ways to contribute to our “Green” village on Lake Zurich. Public transportation and recycling are prime examples, of course, but another important way of helping the environment is to reduce our carbon footprint by simply teaching our children at an early age not to waste food. The Swiss always speak of “Sustainability”, and this is a good way to support the cause. We applaud your efforts Green Packpack! Damian & Maureen Hornick, Rueschlikon, Switzerland

  • This is awesome!